Connecting people to Christ and community

At Reddington Christian Church, we are committed to helping everyone discover a fulfilling life in Jesus full of meaning and purpose.


A place where every person matters

With all of today’s mess and uncertainty, people need connection. At Reddington, we want to bridge the gap. We are dedicated to loving people like Jesus and creating a welcoming place where anyone and everyone can find connection and feel supported.


Loving people like Jesus looks like…

  • Listening before judging

  • Entering into someone’s experience instead of explaining it away

  • Viewing every person as a unique child of God

Connecting people looks like…

  • Inviting people over for meals

  • Engaging in honest conversation

  • Taking off masks and fake smiles

Supporting each other looks like…

  • Spontaneously meeting a specific need

  • Valuing people wherever they’re at

  • Lightening each other’s burdens

The bottom line

Church should be people trying their best to live in relationship with God and each other.


Our Services

Live Stream

Sunday at 10AM

Watch online!


Sunday School

Sunday at 9AM

Available for all ages

What does a Sunday morning look like?

We’re glad you asked! Here’s what you can expect from a typical Sunday morning service.


We recommend getting here around 15 minutes early so you have time to grab a cup of coffee, check-in kids (if you have them), and get settled in your seat. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask the greeter at the door! Speaking of having questions…

Connect with the welcome team

We recommend all first-time guests to visit our connection center where our welcome team will introduce themselves, answer any of your questions, and give you a free gift. They would also be happy to find you a seat!

Engage in the service

During the service you can expect:

  • Modern style worship through music with a few hymns mixed in from time to time.
  • Teaching that is real. Every message is meant to be accessible, transparent, direct, and ultimately grow us closer to Jesus.
  • A family feel! Seriously, don’t be surprised if someone invites you to lunch after service.

But church is deeper than Sunday mornings

How can we grow and connect if all of our interactions take place on one day of the week? The reality is we can’t. We MUST be intentional during the week.

Introducing Life Groups!

Life groups happen during the week and are open to adults of all ages and backgrounds who want to dive deeper into all God has for them while growing deeper with each other along the way!


What you WON’T experience at Reddington

  • Perfect people
  • Teaching that beats you down
  • Being viewed as a project
  • A dress code
  • Being shot down for asking questions
  • Manipulation
  • Judgment and condemnation

Come be a part of what God is doing!

Find Christ  –  Build Community  –  Discover Purpose