Empowering kids to love Jesus and each other

What to expect

When kids are checked in, they will have fun and get to know each other through games and activities. After that, they’ll hear an engaging lesson that is relevant to their age group, taught by our kid-loving team of volunteers.


What ages can attend?

RCC Kids is for:

  • Nursery (Infant – 2 years old)

  • Preschool (3-5 years old)

  • Elementary (K-5th grade)

For kids older than 5th grade, check out our Youth page.

We hope kids at Reddington…

Feel at home and safe

Experience the love of Jesus

Have fun along the way!

Common questions

Are kids part of the service?

Yes! Sunday morning programming for RCC Kids starts in the Worship Center.  After the music portion of the service, preschool through 5th grade kids are released to their classes. RCC volunteers are positioned to help everyone reach their destinations.

Will you contact me during service if my child needs assistance?

Yes, a volunteer will reach out in case we need you during the service.

How do I pick my kids up?

After service you can pick your kids up by going to the classroom they’re in and checking them out. You can either follow the signs to each classroom or ask any volunteer for directions.

Do I need to bring anything for my child? Can I leave my diaper bag with you? Will you change my child’s diaper?

For kids in the nursery, feel free to bring anything specific to your child, but if you forgot anything we’ve got you covered! If your child has any specific needs or requirements please let us know.

Is there somewhere I can go to nurse my child?

A nursing mothers room is available across the hall from the nursery.

Do all volunteers get background checks?

Yes, volunteers get annual background checks! It is also our policy that volunteers don’t serve alone.